[SWB] 2K02 1424 Hartlepool to Darlington

[SWB] 2K02 1424 Hartlepool to Darlington

21st February 2019 3 By Schwarzwaldbahner

Hello Driver
Due to several Pacers being out of service, some diagrams are run with class 150/2 at the moment. You are driving such a train today with the Sunday service 2K02 being the only westbound service stopping at Tees-side Airport. Have fun.

Requirements are as follows:

Route: North East England by DPS

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142
Armstrong Powerhouse JXA wagons
Armstrong Powerhouse JNA-C wagons
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse BAA/BZA wagons
JustTrains Voyager Advanced
DTG Class 91
DTG/RSC Class 66 EWS v2
DTG BR Blue Pack Loco add-on

AlanThomsonSim InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack