SUBSCRIPTION ONLY AP Display Names shortened

20th July 2019 Off By catsrcool

I wanted to speed up the time it takes to do scenarios. When using the 2 class 319 packs for example there are 150 different consists listed in the editor.
Trying to find the one you’re looking for and waiting for the display to scroll from left to right is very time consuming.
I have edited over 600 consist .bin files to shorten the name to obviate the need for the left-right scrolling as much as possible. For example:
AP Class 319-AP Class 319 Connex South Central (Connections) 4 Car AC now becomes: AP-319 CSC (Con) 4C AC

The download includes 36 .rwp files. That is 18 that overwrite the display names (Rename) and 18 that are the original display names if you want revert to how they were (Original).
Please note that the Class 319 is for Packs 1&2, the Class 158 is for both the Perkins and Cummins packs. The rest should be self-explanatory.
I take no responsibility for your TS20XX install.
The copyright of the files belongs to Armstrong Powerhouse and Richard has given his approval for me to edit them and make them available for download.
I will update the download to include packs that are released in the future assuming I purchase them.

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