*Sub Only* [CB] Northern City Line Scenario Pack

*Sub Only* [CB] Northern City Line Scenario Pack

3rd October 2019 Off By CrankyBot

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The Northern City Line Scenario Pack is here (with grateful permissions by Guterbahnhof to do this).

Entails is 6 scenarios covering the Great Northern services that operate between Moorgate & Welwyn Garden City with 3 Passenger Services and 3 ECS Movements, with 3 and a half hours worth of scenarios bristled with London traffic (both slow & fast lanes used in both directions of a scenario), single-use locos for the HSTs/91s, adverse signalling and TSRs you will have plenty to cope with in the 6 scenarios.

Route Requirements:
~ RSC's ECML London - Peterborough Route [STEAM] + GBHF's Moorgate Extension [Guterbahnhof]

Scenario Requirements:
~ Oovee's MJA Pack [STEAM] + RFletcher72's MJA GBRF Reskin [DPSimulation]
~ DTG's Chatham Mainline [STEAM]
~ AP's Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack [AP]
~ RSC's Class 66 EWS (Pack03) & Freightliner V2.0 (Pack02) [STEAM] + AP's Class 66 EP [AP]
~ DTG's & RSC's Class 91 [STEAM] + AP's Class 91/MK4 DVT Enhancement Pack [AP] + BHReskin's InterCity 225 LNER Reskin Pack [AlanThomsonSim]
~ DTG's Class 180 [STEAM]
~ AP/W's Class 313 [AP] + GBHF's Class 313 Great Northern Weathered Reskin [Guterbahnhof]
~ RSC's ECML South [STEAM] + AP's Class 365 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
~ RSC's South London Network [STEAM] + Superalbs' Class 387 GN Reskin [Superalbs]
~ RSC's Brighton Mainline [STEAM] + ATS' Class 700/707/717 [AlanThomsomSim]
~ DTG's Class 800 [STEAM] + KevButler66's Class 800 LNER Azuma Reskin [AlanThomsonSim]

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