SS / 2F11 1242 Derby – Matlock / 2F14 1318 Matlock – Derby

SS / 2F11 1242 Derby – Matlock / 2F14 1318 Matlock – Derby

11th October 2020 1 By Shepherd Scenarios

You will take this hybrid livered Class 150 on a shuttle service between Derby and Matlock and then back to Derby. Set in 1991.

Note: As of 05/08/2021, this scenario has been updated to become more standardised with my newest scenario, and fix any bugs that have occurred over time. This scenario has also now been split into two parts to represent the two journeys. There are no changes to requirements.

Just Trains Derwant Valley Line

Requirements for scenario (Please see the manual for what requirements are needed for the specific parts)
– DTG BR Class 31
– DTG BR Class 150/1
– DTG European Loco & Asset Pack
– SHG BR Class 58 Loco
Armstrong Powerhouse:
– AP Class 31 Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 43 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 156 Multiple Unit Pack
– AP MGR Wagon Pack
– AP Mk1 Coach Pack Volume 1
– AP Mk2A-C Coach Pack
– AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack