SP: 2B91 16:38 Winchester – Bournemouth

SP: 2B91 16:38 Winchester – Bournemouth

22nd May 2021 2 By Sami Pitfield

As South Western Railway finally get back to a regular timetable, take 450 060 on a part of its journey from Winchester to Bournemouth, you take control at Southampton. Date: 18/05/2021

This scenario is on hard difficulty and is around 50 minutes long.

INSTALLATION: To install this scenario extract the ‘Content’ folder provided and drag it into your RailWorks directory.



Southampton to Bournemouth Route
Chatham Mainline/Medway Valley Line Route
Portsmouth Direct Line Route
Freightliner Class 66 V2
Class 159 DMU
Class 70 Loco
Class 08 Loco


Class 444/450 EP
Class 158/159 Cummins EP
Class 66 EP
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Class 375/377 EP
Weather EP is massively recommended
Class 220/221/222 SP


Voyager DEMU Pack 2019


MJW Class 158/159 Plawwie Pack
Voyager Consist Patch

Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists

Class 444/450 SWR Destination Patch

That’s all for this scenario! As always enjoy, and let me know if you come across any errors.