South Wales Coastal HST Scenario Pack Modern

South Wales Coastal HST Scenario Pack Modern

3rd July 2019 6 By Jonathan Molyneux

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This scenario pack is set between 2016 and 2019 with 10 HST specific scenarios with both up and down workings as well as an empty stock move and a 2+4 working. These scenarios show the change in rolling stock on the SWML with a mixture of both pre and post IET introduction giving varied AI across all scenarios.
This is my first attempted at a scenario pack and by all means it’s not perfect, however it’s very close to the real world with the limit of certain stock within the game and by keeping the cost of AI down.
Here are the scenarios in the pack.
Scenario 1: (SuX) 1L08 04:58 SWA-PAD (20/12/17)
Scenario 2: (SO) 1L48 09:29 SWA-PAD (30/03/19)
Scenario 3: (SO) 1L90 14:55 PMD-PAD (16/07/17)
Scenario 4: (SuX) 1L92 18:29 SWA-PAD (05/04/19)
Scenario 5: (SO) 1B03 06:45 BTM-SWA (05/03/17)
Scenario 6: (SuX) 1B25 10:45 PAD-SWA (12/09/17)
Scenario 7: (SSuX) 1B31 12:15 PAD-CDF/ SSuX 1L68 14:56 CDF-PAD (16/12/16)
Scenario 8: (SSuX) 1B55 16:15 PAD-SWA (10/10/18)
Scenario 9: (SSuX) 2C81 15:00 CDF-TAU (01/05/19)
Scenario 10: (SSuX) 5G60 19:55 CNM-XPM (31/05/17)

Attached in the zipped file is a scenario specific set of requirements as well as a little bit more about the pack.

To start the installation of the scenario un-zip the .7z file.