South Central/Early Southern 375/3 + 377/1 + 377/3

South Central/Early Southern 375/3 + 377/1 + 377/3

31st May 2022 5 By Dale43170

If you downloaded before this update you will need to delete the original version before installing the update, instructions in updated ReadMe file.

Ordered under Connex before they were stripped of the franchise the first batch of Electrostars for South Central were delivered to the now defunct operators interior trim specification, which was retained until around 2010.

This pack changes the “Southern Unbranded” to “South Central” as well as adding a “Southern Pre-2010” variant with interior changed to Connex trim as viewed from both inside and outside the train.

Class 375/3s also receive tightlock couplings.

AP 375/377 EP
DTG London-Gillingham