[SJ] 2C41 1420 Waterloo – Reading via Weybridge

[SJ] 2C41 1420 Waterloo – Reading via Weybridge

6th February 2023 14 By SamuelJ

[SJ] 2C41 Waterloo – Reading via Weybridge

Duration: 40 Minutes
Weather: Fair Cloud (Light Mist)

During December, engineering works took place on some weekends on the slow lines around Waterloo, and between Hounslow and Virginia Water, as well as other areas. 2CXX services were diverted via Surbiton and Weybridge and carried out a shunt move at Virginia Water. You take one of these services from Waterloo to Addlestone (due to route limitations). You will call at Clapham Junction, Surbiton, Weybridge and Addlestone enroute. This scenario is based on the real timetable including AI services.
This route uses the AP signal enhancement pack, and is strongly recommended in order for the scenario to function correctly. I also strongly recommend purchasing the static YQA pack on steam and Lowmac Wagons from Steam Sound Supreme.

*****This scenario uses the AP Signal Pack heavily, all signals should work as expected, do not tab past any red signals *****

Route – [YBZG] PDL (Updated) [V1.4]
Stock :
AP Class 450/444 (and its requirements)
Seamaphore Sim SWR 444-450 Reskin Pack V2
Class 450/444 destinations by Spongebot64
RSC Class 444
AP Class 158/159 (Cummins) (and its requirements)
Class 158/159 SWR-SWT Destinations by Chris Horsfield
AP Class 455 Vol. 2 (and its requirements)
DTG Class 378 (Static)
AP Class 66 (and its requirements)
AP JNA Wagons
AP Class 707 (and its requirements)
TS Marketplace: YQA Parr Wagon Pack
SSS Lowmac Wagon & Scenic Pack
Just Trains S7+1 (static)
District line destinations
AP Signal Pack
AP Weather Pack V2

***SCENARIO VERSION 2.0 NOW LIVE – Now uses AP Weather Pack V2, Semaphore Sim Class 444/450 reskin V2, now works on [YBZG] PDL (Updated) [V1.4]. Also added RSC Class 444 to the requirements ***

If there is anything I have missed, then let me know.

Many thanks,