[SC] 1Z99 Crewe Thunderbird

[SC] 1Z99 Crewe Thunderbird

4th March 2021 13 By Strangechris

[SC] 1Z99 Crewe Thunderbird

Route: WCML Midlands and Northwest Phase 3
Route Covered: Crewe – Warrington Bank Quay – Crewe
Traction: Virgin Trains Class 57/3 57307 ‘Lady Penelope’ (+ 390041 City of Chester)
Date: September 2008
Time at start: 0720
Weather at start: Clear Sunrise
Duration: 80 minutes
Difficulty: 3/5

SPOILER ALERT: You’re at Crewe as the duty Thunderbird driver and have been sent over to 57307 to start-up in preparation for a rescue. 390041 on 1M17 has failed and has managed to limp into Warrington Bank Quay. You’re tasked with heading north from Crewe light engine, coupling up to the failed unit and dragging it back to Crewe so it can be taken on to Longsight for attention.

Requirements (links to all are contained within the manual):
AP Sky/Weather pack
AP Class 37 Vol 2
AP Class 90/Mk3
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 86 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack 2.0
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 92 Sound Pack
AP Mk2D-F coach pack
AP FSA/FTA wagon pack
AP HIA wagon pack
AP JNA-C wagon pack

DTG Portsmouth Direct line
DTG South Wales Coastal (new)
DTG Class 390 Virgin Trains Pendolino (discontinued)

James Ivell Cab and Pass View Patch (on ATS)

JT FNA wagons (comes with Class 20 collection)
JT IPA car carrier wagons (comes with Class 67 pack)
JT RHTT wagons (comes with Class 20 collection)
Just Trains Common Library (with most recent routes)

Oovee Class 57 Freightliner with Vulcan Productions Virgin Class 57/3 reskin

RSC Settle – Carlisle
RSC Class 66 EWS
RSC Class 66 Freightliner
RSC Class 67 EWS
RSC Class 86
RSC Class 92 with Callum Green Less Co2 reskin
RSC Class 325

S9BL Class 390 with Horgy ‘Virgin’ reskin (from DPSimulations)