[SC] 1Z26 Slateford Depot – Crewe LNWR

[SC] 1Z26 Slateford Depot – Crewe LNWR

17th January 2021 0 By Strangechris

[SC] 1Z26 Slateford Depot – Crewe LNWR

Route: Slateford Depot – Carlisle – Preston
Traction: Colas Rail 67 + Network Rail Mk2s + Colas Rail 67
Date: April 2019
Time at start: 0830
Weather at start: Fair Cloud
Duration: 160 minutes
Difficulty: 4/5

Due to a minor collision involving the Network Rail New Measurement Train (HST), Colas Rail’s pair of 67s are covering the track monitoring duties for the time being. Today you’re in charge of a run along the northern end of the WCML from Slateford Depot through to Preston. On the way down you’ll be looped at Lockerbie and have a quick stop at Carlisle to drop off some Network Rail staff. Traffic on the line should be nice and varied this morning though a little heavy at some points which could cause a few delays.

Requirements (links to all are contained within the manual):

AP Sky/Weather pack
AP Class 37 Vol 1
AP Class 90 Freightliner
AP Class 156
AP Class 56 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 68 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 92 Sound Pack
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack with James Ivell Cab and Pass View Patch (on ATS)
AP Mk 2 D-F coach pack
AP FSA/FTA wagon pack
AP JNA-C wagon pack

BMG Black Five

DTG Portsmouth Direct line
DTG Class 68
DTG Class 180 with TPE Nova 3 pack (from EWHITESIDE on ATS)

JT Voyager 2019
JT FNA (comes with Class 20 Collection)
JT RHTT (comes with Class 20 Collection)

Oovee MJA (comes with Class 70) (with GBRf reskin from DPSimulations)

RSC Class 56
RSC Class 66 EWS
RSC Class 66 Freightliner
RSC EWS Class 67 (Pack 01)
RSC Class 92 with DPSimulations/Callum Green Megaret ‘Less CO2’ reskin and James Ivell CS reskins
RSC Class 159
RSC Class 325

S9BL Class 390 with Horgy ‘Virgin’ reskin (from DPSimulations)

TotalizeMedia Class 380 (also comes with Glasgow Airport Rail Link)