[SC] 1T29 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

[SC] 1T29 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

18th February 2021 6 By Strangechris

[SC] 1T29 Liverpool Lime Street – London Euston

Route: Liverpool – Manchester
Route Covered: Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Piccadilly (via Warrington Central)
Traction: Ex-Arriva Class 57 no. 57316 + Virgin Trains WB64 ‘Pretendolino’ set + 90045
Date: February 2012
Time at start: 0959
Weather at start: Light rain
Duration: 55 minutes
Difficulty: 2/5

Virgin Trains have put on a special Footex service to get fans down to Wembley for a match, however the WCML is blocked at Winsford due to a derailed HOBC during an engineering possession last night. 57316 was dispatched from Crewe early this morning and you’ll be taking this service on a diversion via Manchester. As you’re a diversion you’ll have to fit in around other traffic and so it might be slow going through Manchester.

Requirements (links to all can be found within the manual):

AP Sky/Weather pack
AP Class 90/Mk3
AP Class 90 Freightliner
AP Class 90 GEML (on Steam)
AP Class 142
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 156
AP Class 31 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 86 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
AP Class 175 Enhancement Pack 2.0
AP Class 350 Enhancement Pack
AP Mk2 D-F coach pack
AP FSA/FTA wagon pack

DTG Class 150/1
DTG London – Bedford (for Pennine Pacer class 323)
DTG Portsmouth Direct line
DTG South Wales Coastal (new version)

James Ivell Cab and Pass View Patch (on ATS)

Jake Fuller Class 185 pack (on ATS)

Major Wales Virgin Trains Pretendolino reskin

Oovee Class 57 Freightliner

Pennine Pacer Manchester Stations – Huddersfield (for Class 323)

RSC Class 31
RSC Class 66 EWS
RSC Class 66 Freightliner
RSC Class 86
RSC Class 159

S9BL Class 390 with Horgy ‘Virgin’ reskin (from DPSimulations)

Vulcan Productions Class 57/3 Arriva AND Virgin reskins