Rush hour trainspotting: Purley

Rush hour trainspotting: Purley

18th February 2022 2 By Nuggets

Hello, welcome to Purley where you will be trainspotting for 45 minutes at the start of rush hour on the Brighton Mainline. For the purposes of an entertaining scenario and somewhat diverse rolling stock I have sacrificed a tad of realism and have added in class 442s, Thameslink 387s and 319s which all did not see the daylight of the class 700s. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy.


Class 700
Class 442
London to Brighton

AP (With it’s requirements):
Class 375/377
Class 455 Vol 2
Class 319 Vol 1
Class 442 Sound Pack (not necessary)
Class 377/379/387 EP
Weather EP

Class 700 Patch (and it’s requirements)

Known issues:
Since there is no player train you will have to remember to leave the scenario shortly after 17:00
There is the chance that the doors of AI trains may not open (a DTG problem, nothing I can do)