(RP) Kingsland Road to Weston-s-Mare.

(RP) Kingsland Road to Weston-s-Mare.

22nd June 2021 1 By Robin Price

Route Required
South Western Expressways – Reading (Has been updated) By Just Trains

Requirements Needed
Armstrong Powerhouse

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp Pack. https://www.major.wales/revamp-packs/class-43

Class 801 (DTG)
Class 159 (RSC)

Just Trains
South Western Expressways – Reading (Has been updated)

Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists
GOLD STAR TRAINS® DR73106 Ballast Tamper
Class 43 Enhancements for MTU Liveries V1.1
HST Cab & Lights Enhancement Pack (HD 1080p & UltraHD 4K) – v5.0

Tamper DR73106

I think that is it. Apologies if something is missing.

Drive DR73106 from Bristol Kingsland Road to Weston-s-Mare in readiness for a weekend possession on the Weston Loop. Your max speed is 50mph.

Points to note.
When you go through bristol. The signal at the end of Bristol Middle will be red. Just Tab it and proceed to Bristol West Gantry. Then obey all signals from there onwards.

When you get to Weston, Just pull up past the signal in platform 2, And when you are shunting over to the bay platform, Please make sure all hand points are set correctly.

Thanks for taking the time to play and i hope you enjoyed my little scenario. Take care, Stay safe.