(RP) Class 92, Calais to Folkstone Yard. (Fictional)

(RP) Class 92, Calais to Folkstone Yard. (Fictional)

30th November 2021 0 By Robin Price

Route Required
Ashford – Lille Route Add-On Can be found under, https://ahsrailworks.weebly.com/store/p2/Ashford_-_Lille_Route_Add-On.html?fbclid=IwAR1k0i3tmLVggcQmeLwes71p17c8WDwe_dbMYh6Z0TJyTmoXRIyPc4sHlZA#/

Requirements Needed

Class 92

Armstrong Powerhouse

Just Trains

That’s it

So today driver. You drive a double headed cargo wagon train, Containing Water Bottles from Poland through the Channel Tunnel from Calais to Folkestone Yard.

I have made this little scenario, So people can drive through the tunnel. I understand some people are experiencing some problems with the scenarios that come with it. All you need for this is all of the above Requirements. Hope you enjoy. Take care. Stay Safe.