(RP) 6Z60 Parkandillack-Bescot Down Siding. 02,07,2020 (66175 RailRiders)

(RP) 6Z60 Parkandillack-Bescot Down Siding. 02,07,2020 (66175 RailRiders)

5th July 2020 2 By Robin Price

Requirements and Route

SouthWestern Expressway from Just Trains

Alan ThomsonSim
66175 Railriders and all necessary requirements to run it. (Please read the description Regarding this)
Mk 3 sliding door.
HST Great western sticker express by Clowes
HST Improvement pack by Jamesivell
HST Great Western Railway welshman by Clowes
150/2 LED Headlights
220/221 Updated consists

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43MTU
Class 66
Class 150ep
JNA Wagon Pack
Weather Pack
Wagon Sound Pack

Class 801
Class 66 pack 2,3,4,

Class 800 GWR
Class 166 FGW

Just Trains
South Western Expressway

Major Wales Design
Class 43 Revamp Pack

PBA ECC Tiger Rail (By Richard Fletcher)

I think that’s it. If i have forgotten something, Then please do accept my apologies.

On 03/07/2020 66175 Railriders was in Cornwall and was booked to work 6Z60 Parkandillack-Bescot Down Siding. You have been rostered to drive this from Exeter St Davids to Bristol, Where another driver will take over. Your max speed will be 60mph and your trailing load is 1000tonnes. So sit back and enjoy a evening stroll with RailRiders as you go through the Devon&Somerset countryside. Duration time is 1Hr and 20Mins. Enjoy