Rail Riders 66175

Rail Riders 66175

29th April 2020 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation

To celebrate the revival of Rail Riders, DB Cargo UK have adorned 66175 with the ‘Rail Riders Express’ nameplate. The locomotive can be seen powering up and down the country on RailCam – the Rail Riders Facebook Page often has details of its whereabouts

What’s included?
An installer to make installation as easy as possible
66175 complete with Rail Riders Express nameplate, Autostart Decals, Data Panel, Polished Buffers, correct Numbering Font, and brand new high-resolution DB logos
Light Engine PreLoad

Class 66 (EWS)
AP Class 66 EP
Class 66 LED Headlights

Thank you to Clowes for reskinning the locomotive and doing artwork for decals.
Thank you to James Ivell for painstakingly making the nameplate and DB side logos.
Thank you to BodgeItTMD for providing a number of decals.
Thank you to CatOfWar for the installer.
Rail Riders Club trademark and nameplate used with kind permission from Rail Riders Club.

To Install
Simply extract the .exe from the included zip to anywhere (e.g. Desktop)
Right Click and Run as Administrator
Follow the prompts to install
Listed as “Class 66 DBC RR (L4) AP” in the editor