PFA Wagon Pack

PFA Wagon Pack

27th January 2022 0 By WatsonPD

The PFA wagon story starts in 1986 when fuel firm Cawoods ordered 172 of them to carry containers of domestic coal and patent fuel for export to Ireland. The remaining PFA fleet can now be found transporting nuclear materials for Direct Rail Services.

This pack includes:
-PFA wagon with DRSL prefix
–with nuclear container load

-PFA wagon with CAWD prefix
–with Cawoods coal container load
–with British Fuel coal container load

-PFA wagon with BGL prefix
–with British Gypsum container load

and animated handbrake

-AP 4wheel Soundpack – for the wagon audio
-Kuju European Assets pack – for the coupler to show

Update Log:
V1.0-Initial Release
V1.1-removed container frame for CAWD variants and added BGL variants
V1.2-added weathered version for CAWD variants
V1.3-added “Empty Container” load for CAWD variants