Nuggets’ trainspotting: Clapham Junction

Nuggets’ trainspotting: Clapham Junction

27th June 2022 2 By Nuggets

Clapham Junction is the busiest station in Britain, and I have tried to replicate this in a 30 minute trainspotting scenario for train simulator on the Portsmouth Direct Line route. There are obviously limitations, however, meaning it may not be as busy as real life but I have tried my best to make it as entertaining as possible. There are a lot of AI trains so turning down your graphical settings may be advised.

To install simply open the folder and drag and drop the ‘Content’ folder into your railworks folder.

REQUIREMENTS (All the requirements are needed to get the best experience out of the scenario):

Portsmouth Direct Line

AP (and all their requirements):
Class 455 Volume 2 EP
Class 444/450 EP
Class 158/159 Cummins EP
Class 375/377 EP
Class 377/379/387 EP
Class 700/707/717 EP
Weather EP

Semaphore studios:
SWR 444-450 Reskin Pack
SWR 159 Reskin Pack

Side note:
As I have been burnt out in the process of making the scenario, I have decided to leave destinations out for now but will add them at a later date depending on demand for it. The scenario is very FPS heavy at the start but improves by time, but I hope you can still enjoy it though. I have also not been able to include the class 378 as it causes scenario dumps.

Please do not modify any of my work unless it is for personal use only.