Network Rail Mk1 Generator / GUV

Network Rail Mk1 Generator / GUV

15th November 2020 3 By Flyin9 Scotsman

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This small pack features two items of rolling stock commonly found on various Test Trains for Network Rail all around the country.

Firstly is the MK1. This is a representation of the Generator coach 6264, however it has additional windows this time around as I am unable to fill them in.
It requires the Armstrong Powerhouse ‘Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1’.

Secondly is the GUV. In reality they experienced a lot of modifications before ending up with Network Rail, in which the basis being an original GUV makes the vehicle slightly different to the real life counterpart. However I hope it will do the job!
This requires Bossman Games ‘LMS Stanier Class 5 ‘Black Five’ Steam Loco Add-On’ (the pack on steam).

Hope you enjoy using these two assets and as always if any problems should appear then I’ll be happy to help!