[mjt] 2E74 11:38 Balloch – Airdrie

[mjt] 2E74 11:38 Balloch – Airdrie

5th January 2024 2 By mattyjt02

Following a hectic festive period, and Storm Gerrit causing major disruption to parts of the Scottish rail network, things have begun to calm down just a bit. This morning you will be leading the 11:38 service up the North Clyde Line from Balloch to Airdrie, calling at all stations along the way. There have been no reports of heavy delays, however, the aftermath of Gerrit still lingers and the wet track conditions won’t necessarily make it an easy run.

Route Covered: Suburban Glasgow Northwest to Airdrie
Setting: 28th December 2023
Duration: 85 mins
Track Covered: Balloch – Airdrie (North Clyde Line)
Traction: 318269 + 258

1) Download and extract the provided zip file
2) Find the ‘Content’ folder. Drag/copy this folder into your railworks directory, and the scenario should be installed!

(* = optional/non-essential)

AP 318 EMU Pack
AP 321 EMU Pack
AP Signal EP*
AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0* (Highly Recommended)
AP Vegetation EP* (Highly Recommended)
GEML London – Ipswich
Suburban Glasgow Northwest (+ Airdrie Extension)

Class 320/321/322 Scotrail Destinations (ATS – Chris Horsfield)
Class 334 Reskin Pack (Suburban Glasgow – Alistair Cowell)