Mashed Up Scenarios Transpennine Express Pack 1

Mashed Up Scenarios Transpennine Express Pack 1

5th February 2022 4 By Mashed-up-Scenarios

Welcome to the first Mashed up Transpennine Express Pack; This has been presented during the May 2021 Timetable in the form of a shift if you were to be sat as a spare driver at York and was required to cover for another driver taken ill, heading to Liverpool and then covering a set of Stoppers over the Pennines. There are 5 parts to this pack.
For this pack to work as you need, you will need the following requirements;

Routes used
• Alan Thomson Sim’s Chat Moss
• Pennine Pacer’s Manchester Stations to Huddersfield V2.1

Rolling Stock used
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 185
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Cummins
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Volume 1
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 800-803*
• Armstrong Powerhouse HIA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse FSA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse JXA wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse Wherry lines
• DTG Class 323 (Comes with Cross City Lines)
• DTG S9BL Class 390
• AWC Class 390 Half Liveries*
• Ollie35’s 323 Northern Patch*
• Jake Fuller’s Drax Biomass wagons (Comes with the ATS 185 Extra Stock Pack)

*means this product has its own requirements

Installation Instructions are found in the Manual that comes with the download.

Dom – Scenario Creation and Timetable nerd.
Tom – Scenario Creation and making the manual.
Kieran – Scenario Creation (and came up with the concept)
Barry – Scenario Creation and chief morale booster