Lymington Branch Scenario Pack

Lymington Branch Scenario Pack

27th July 2019 0 By Adam Forsyth

In this download, you can drive 3 scenarios on the Lymington branch between Brockenurst. The line sees 2 regular tractions which are the Class 450 Desiro and Class 158 Express Sprinter DMUs. The Class 158s are used during the off season however in high season, the Class 450s are used due to inceased demand. Usually the line operates a shuttle service from Brockenhurst to Lymington Pier calling at Lymington Town only every 30 minutes. You can change at Lymington Pier for a ferry connection to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.

Please consult the Read Me doccument included in this download in order to see the requirements to play the scenarios and a detailed discription of each scenario included

We are all human so we can mistakes so if you find any then please let me know by either email or leave a comment on the product page

Hope you enjoy my work