Luton Airport Express 360

Luton Airport Express 360

3rd March 2023 8 By Clowes

A single reskin to cater for East Midlands Railway 360 units applied with Luton Airport Express branding. I can only assume it’s for people to leave Luton quickly, I’m sure nobody wishes to travel there at speed.

What’s Included?
The same standard as the ‘East Midlands Railway Class 360’ Pack also hosted on ATS, but with optional ‘Luton Airport Express’ branding, and the associated LX livery.

Great Eastern Main Line (GEML)
East Midlands Railway Class 360
Optional: AP Class 350/360/444/450 Sound Pack (Discontinued) or if you don’t have the Sound Pack, this (coming soon, I haven’t yet made non-SP bins)

A manual is included with the full pack details and instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Child objects, research, scripting, manual format, batch amends
Jake Fuller – Providing the last bit of script (numbers, VisualAlerts)
A guy – Remodelling the DMOC windows for us to use

Nothing yet, still V1.