5Z31 1315 Yeovil Junction to Okehampton

5Z31 1315 Yeovil Junction to Okehampton

15th April 2020 2 By Harry Bennellick

Year – 2012.

You are in charge of Network Rail Class 31 No.31602, the loco has ran around its consist (due to the train going Via Westbury and Taunton)
and is ready for the last leg of its journey to Okehampton.

The consist is of 7 MK2e coaches that were previously stored outside the Yeovil Railway Centre, three of which will be taken off the train
at Okehampton and then dragged to Meldon for further storage. The remaining four will be taken to Barrow Hill the next day.

Unfortunately I cannot make the MK2s look the way they did at the time, I do not know how to reskin and I am not aware of any ‘rubbed down/scruffy’ MK2
reskins out there.


All you need to do is drag the ‘Content’ folder into your Railworks directory, and you’re done!


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