(LT4R) 6C39 1120 Plymouth – Severn Tunnel Junction

(LT4R) 6C39 1120 Plymouth – Severn Tunnel Junction

15th September 2021 0 By Leigh Millinship

In the mid 80’s the 6C39 1120 Plymouth – Severn Tunnel Junction freight service was generally ‘Peak’ hauled. In this scenario the class 45 had failed shortly after departing Plymouth and a class 37 & 31 were requisitioned to double head the service over the Devon banks to Newton Abbot. The class 31 has been removed and running well over an hour late you will drive 37207 ‘William Cookworthy’ on the next leg to Exeter where another ‘Peak’ has been summoned for the remainder of the service to South Wales

Drive the late running 6C39 1120 Plymouth – Severn Tunnel Junction service from Newton Abbot to Exeter Riverside Yard before heading to the depot for refuelling. Please note that the signals around Newton Abbot may not function correctly thus you can press ‘tab for permission to pass. Note, the maximum speed of this freight consignment is 60mph

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INSTALLATION – Drag the ‘Content’ folder into your ‘RailWorks’ folder, then clear the cache in Train Simulator. The scenario should now be visible in the route ‘(VP) Railways of Devon – 1985’ and playable with the name “(LT4R) 6C39 1120 Plymouth – Severn Tunnel Junction”.
Scenario length – 60 mins, medium rating
Note, this scenario uses the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack


From Vulcan Production
– Railways of Devon 1985

From DTG
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– Train Simulator: BR Class 45 ‘Peak’ Loco Add-On
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– Train Simulator: EWS & Freightliner Class 08s Loco Add-On
– BR Blue Class 08 Add-on Livery
– TS Marketplace: COV AB Vans Wagon Pack 01
– TS Marketplace: VCA 45t GLW 2 axle vans Wagon Pack
– TS Marketplace: VGA/VKA Wagon Pack Add-On
– West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-on

From Armstrong Powerhouse
– Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1
– Mk2A-C Coach Pack
– M2k2D-F Coach Pack
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– Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
– Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro)
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– Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

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– UKTS 33887 Scenario Tools (for AI and player services)


From DTG
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