London – Brighton Speed Run 2005 V1.1

London – Brighton Speed Run 2005 V1.1

6th July 2020 0 By Dale43170

Thank you the kind comments left about the previous version, I have now made a few changes as follows.

Corrected an error with the date in the scenario briefing
Fixed missing 90mph marker at Haywards Heath
Changed the weather to Overcast
Added destinations to AI trains

Scenario briefing –
On Sunday 11th September 2005, Southern attempted to beat the record for the fastest time of a non-stop run from London Bridge to Brighton.

Your units for the trip are 377472 and 377474. The scenario begins at 1155 in time for a 1200 departure. You should set the train in DOO mode – while the real train would have had a guard dispatch from London Bridge was via the RA indicator on the starting signal.

Network Rail allowed the special train to run at higher than the normal linespeed along large parts of the route as well as giving the train a clear path along the way, I have implemented this into the scenario by means of placing destination markers to ensure the limits show up on the F3/F4 HUD – speed limit signs on the ground will show the normal linespeeds as indeed they would have done on the day.

Being a Sunday traffic is quite light

Steam –
South London and Brighton (Steam Workshop)
London to Brighton
South London Network
Chatham Main Line – With or without Medway Valley
ECML South
Portsmouth Direct Line – London Waterloo – Portsmouth
DTG Class 455/8
Class 460
Class 421 – For Static AI only not essential
Class 423 – For Static AI only not essential

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 319 Pack Vol. 2
Class 375/377 EP
Class 456 Pack
Class 465/466 Pack Vol.1

Class 455 Sound Pack
Track Pack
Weather Pack

DP Simulation Connex 421 & 423
Danny’s Class 455/8 Reskins pack – See readme for links to all the above.