LNER 3in1 – 1S16/1D13/1B84 (ECML South)

LNER 3in1 – 1S16/1D13/1B84 (ECML South)

31st January 2019 2 By Clowes

This single scenario has 3 workings:

1S16 1200 King’s Cross to Inverness (HST)
1D13 1203 King’s Cross to Leeds (HST)
1B84 1206 King’s Cross to Newark Northgate (90 +Mk4 set)

It is implemented via the “timetabled” scenario option, which allows you to click any train. By clicking on a train, you will take over control. Theoretically this allows you to drive any service in the scenario, but only the 3 aforementioned have full AI. The message at the start of the scenario tells you which platforms the 3 trains are in and which service they are running. Click one and play away.

1S16 and 1D13 end with a “rolling finish”, which normally works fine in TS. You simply keep going, and after a few seconds of completing passing the last marker, the game will end the scenario for you.

– All LNER stock (including coach numbers) is entirely accurate for the day the scenario is set. This includes 91s and/or Mk4 DVTs with white skirts, and branding accurate (some stock still having Virgin branding).
– All other stock is accurate in terms of Class, subclass and length according to the official Carriage Working Notices. (387s subbed in for 700s with appropriate numbering).


In the game the scenario should appear under ECML London – Peterborough as [Clowes] 1200 at KGX, though for some people it will ONLY show up in the Build menu. Find it there, click edit, once it loads, click the large play button in the bottom right corner. My apologies.

UPDATE: I had accidentally used an old bin file “Class 43 272 LNER” not “Class 43 272 LNER Ex-VTEC”. This has been corrected (11:46 01/02/2019)


Steam Store
Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines
East Coast Mainline South
Edinburgh – Glasgow Central OR Class 170
European Loco & Asset Pack
South London Network
EWS Class 66 v2.0
Freightliner Class 66 v2.0
EWS Class 67
InterCity Class 91
Network SouthEast Class 159
Grand Central Class 180

Armstrong Powerhouse
43 VP185 EP
66 EP
91/Mk4 EP
158 Perkins EP
168/170/171 EP
Class 90 (APW)
Class 313 (APW)

Just Trains
Class 153 DMU Advanced

Alan Thomson Sim
VTEC & LNER 91/Mk4 Pack
LNER ICS 91119
Class 180 Update + Hull Trains

Great Northern Class 365
Great Northern and Thameslink Class 387s

Class 313 ‘old’

AP Sky & Weather EP