Class 180 Update Complete

Class 180 Update Complete

7th November 2023 1 By Chris Horsfield

This complete package updates and supercedes my previous Class 180 Update, and is now an “all in one” pack to make driving the Class 180 a little bit more easier. With updated braking physics, it no longer takes a thousand miles of track to bring the train to a stop. Collision parameters are fixed, which eliminates trains apparently “colliding” with thin air. The Hull Trains reskin update is also included in this pack, which updates the BHReskins original from a few years ago, of which, is not required as it is fully included. New destination textures are also provided for both the default Grand Central and the Hull Trains livery.

You will need to copy a few .GEO files over for the Hull Trains to work, however, installation instructions are provided. Ensure you read through it thoroughly.

* Update file adds Hull Trains Quick Drive consists *

Class 180

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