[KH] 2P19 1450 Penzance to Plymouth

[KH] 2P19 1450 Penzance to Plymouth

7th December 2023 1 By Kieran Harvey

On 12th January 2023, take Class 158959 from Penzance to Plymouth, calling at all stations to Liskeard then semi-fast to Plymouth. The weather is pretty fair today which makes a change from the last few days. Stock and AI as per WTT. This scenario is a previous one of mine updated to use the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack and Cloud Enhancement Pack.


Route: Just Trains Western Mainlines + Cornish Mainline Extension

Night Riviera Mk3 Coach Pack (James Ivell)+

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack+
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack+
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack V2 (See note at end)*
Cloud Enhancement Pack*

London Transport Heritage Collection*

Major Wales Design:
Class 43 Revamp Pack+

Vulcan Productions:
Western Region Class 57/6 Pack+*

+Has it’s own requirements/dependancies.
*Not essential to the running of the scenario.

-AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack V2 Note-
For Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Pack to function on this route you’ll need to follow the manual to install the ‘Time of Day’ replacement files for this route. The ‘Time of Day’ for this route is in the Kuju > RailSimCore directory. The only marker for this pack has been placed on a seperate track to the player train therefore the scenario should function fine without the Enhancement Pack.

-Known Issues-
> At St Erth, 1C76 arrives and immediately departs with doors open, this is an issue with the simulator and out of my control, remedies such as making sure the stop is timetabled etc. has been implemented to no avail.