[JWT] First Capital Connect South London to Brighton (Mini-Pack) v1.1

[JWT] First Capital Connect South London to Brighton (Mini-Pack) v1.1

24th July 2021 11 By Jack Clemens

Thank you for downloading.

This pack contains 4 scenarios for Steam Workshop South London to Brighton route.
You are a Brighton based First Capital Connect driver.

Updated v1.1 (25.07.21) to ATS due to having a scenario missing (5T08) when packaged.

A ‘Read-Me’ is provided for each individual scenario. Use 7zip and drag/drop the content folder to your Railworks directory to install.

Please note that scenario 5T08 is not to everyone’s taste and ‘AsyncKeys’ are highly recommended if you don’t wish to hang around for too long.


Armstrong Powerhouse: (+ their own individual requirements)
-319 packs vol.1 & vol.2
-375/377 EP
-455 EP vol.2
-313 pack
-442 Sound Pack
-465/466 vol.1
-Sky & Weather EP *(2021-07-15 update)
-168/170/171 EP

Just Trains:
-Common Library
-Sea Cow wagon pack
-JJA Autoballaster Advanced

-Fastline Simulations ex-EWS VDA wagon pack (+ included TSR equipment)
-class 378 London Overground
-South London to Brighton Workshop Route

-Chris Horsfield 378 LO destination patch

I hope you enjoy theses scenarios – if you run into any issues, then please let me know!

Thank You to Matt Carroll, Ben Trendall, Richard Fletcher & Barry Price for their assistance and support.