[JWT] 2L48 18.13 Peterborough to Cambridge XC

[JWT] 2L48 18.13 Peterborough to Cambridge XC

11th February 2021 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWT] 2L48 / 5L48 18.13 Peterborough to Cambridge.

Carried over from Crosscountry’s December 2020 timetable – 4 diagrams per day (Monday to Friday) worked between Cambridge and Peterborough, which interestingly did not work onwards to Birmingham New Street or Stansted Airport. You will work the last PBO – CBG working of the day, then dispose of the unit at Cambridge Carriage Sidings. This has been created using the current Jan/Feb 2021 Covid-19 Timetable. There is a 30mph TSR in place just after March South LC.


ATS Peterborough – Cambridge route

Armstrong Powerhouse:
AP class 170 EP
AP class 317
AP 365 EP
AP class 66 EP
AP class 158 Perkins+Cummins
AP Sky / Weather APEP
AP FSA/FTA wagon pack
AP JNA pack pack

VP class 170 Airdam patch (in my experience, this patch does not work along side the VP XC class 170 Branding Patch in this scenario when tested).

ATS class 66 LED light patch
ATS CT / XC + GA class 170 destination patch
ATS InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack
Fastline Simulations TSR lineside equipment.

Year: 2021
Season: Autumn
Weather: Fair Cloud + Showers
Difficulty: Medium (due to poor adhesion)

This is one scenario which I have created and uploaded to ATS. I do hope you enjoy this scenario as much as I did creating it. The Original Part 1 of this scenario will be added when tested again as I ran into an issue. I am new to scenario creation, so any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!