[JWC] GOBLIN 2010 Scenario Pack.

[JWC] GOBLIN 2010 Scenario Pack.

22nd January 2022 2 By Jack Clemens

Thank you for downloading this 4-part scenario for GOBLiN. You drive 4 scenarios in total which are all set on the same day and in sequence of the morning part of the shift. It should be around 160 minutes in total.

It’s intended that you play the scenarios in order – of course, you can play them in whatever order you wish.

150 132 was on loan to London Overground from the West Midlands for a period during the Summer of 2010. That same year the Bombardier 172/0 class replaced the 150/1’s where they were then cascaded to other TOC’s.

To install these scenarios simply drag and drop the ‘Asset’ and ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks Directory. Thank you to Richard Fletcher for allowing me to use the [VP] Portal Asset.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
-150/1 EP
-377/387/379 EP**
-66 EP (Freightliner)
-FSA/FTA Wagon
-Sky/Weather EP

Just Trains:
-Common Library (After MML, etc)

Virtual District Line VIII (for the LUL stock)

-North London Line & GOBLIN.

**(C2C 387’s are subbing the 357 as this is not available in TS).

A ‘Read Me’ text is provided in the Download. Thank You and enjoy!