(JR) 1Z62 08:23 Edinburgh-Oban

(JR) 1Z62 08:23 Edinburgh-Oban

31st March 2024 0 By Robbo13

1Z62 08:23 Edinburgh-Oban

Today is Day 2 of Inter-citys’ West of Scotland Push Pull 3 day railtour. You have been booked to work the first part of todays trip to Oban as far as Cowlairs East Jn and join the train shortly before departure from Edinburgh. 47712 ‘Lady Diana Spencer’ leads the train to Oban, with the DBSO on the rear, which will be leading on the return from Oban. You have a booked pathing stop at Cadder Down Passenger Loop, but other than that you have no other booked stops. There are no issues to report at this moment and the weather has turned out relatively good! Year=2024

How to install
1. Extract using 7zip or zip
2. Copy Contents folder into Railworks folder.
3. Done!

Route: Network ScotEast Phase 2- Part 1

Duration: 60 minutes


Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk3 pack
Class 37 Vol 2*
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 156
Class 158C EP
Class 170 EP
Class 800 EP#
Cloud EP
Signal EP
Weather EP

ASR/FSR Class 158-170 Pack
Class 385 upgrade
Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper reskin
MaxTracks Caledonian Sleeper MK5s
RES Pack

Backdated TrainSim
LSL Scotrail Push-Pull Pack

Class 92
Class 159 (For AP 158C EP)
Class 170 (For AP 170 EP)
Class 801 (For AP 800 EP)
Huddersfield Line

Major Wales
Scotrail 7cities HST reskin

Suburban Glasgow
Class 334 reskin

Anything marked with * is for static AI only.

I believe that is everything. If there us anything missing or you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!