[JC] Tour of the UK Scenario Pack

[JC] Tour of the UK Scenario Pack

11th October 2020 5 By johnno124

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This is a scenario pack depicting a fictional 6 day railtour around the UK. All AI within the scenarios is true to the WTT on RealTimeTrains and the player is squeezed through wherever I can fit it. It makes for an interesting combination of high speed running and yellow chasing and even the occasional looping to allow faster services to pass.
The pack is built of 20 scenarios each depicting a section of the tour. Please note that the AI is designed to accommodate the train not exceeding the speed within the briefing (usually 100mph)

Requirements are listed within the included documentation since there would be too many to list here since each individual scenario has its own set of requirements.

Update: Fixed AI pathing issues in Parts 1 and 2 that didn’t appear in initial testing.