[ir]1h45 early morning fens

[ir]1h45 early morning fens

7th November 2020 1 By isaac ridge

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Hello driver and welcome to 1h45 early morning fens
Today see’s you in charge of 170106 from Peterborough to Cambridge calling at March, Ely, Cambridge north and Cambridge

Ap: 170 ep, 365 ep, 66ep, 321,317 vol 1, mtu hst, 91ep,haa , hia and ap weather

Vp:168/170 airdam pack
Mjw: cemex 66, vtec/lner 91 and hst
Dtg: all class 66’s,ic 91, 170,ecml south,wcml tv,south London lines
To install, simply copy the content folder into your railworks folder and should appear as [ir]1h45early morning fens
Good luck and enjoy your run.