IP59 1957 – A Divided Service

IP59 1957 – A Divided Service

4th July 2021 0 By Aaron Bennett

IP59 1957 – A Divided Service
Route: Danny’s South London and Thameslink Route (Workshop)
Train: Southern Class 455
Time of Day: 19:45
Season: Summer
Duration: 45 Mins
Difficulty: 3

You’ll be taking a Southern Class 455 to Purley, in this scenario, which sees you start at London Bridge, on a stopping service to Tattenham Corner and Caterham. (As far as Purley, where another driver takes over. You will be calling at all stops along the way. This scenario has PIS Announcements, using the voice of Julie Berry and Celia Wood. Btw I know the announcement says that the train has 10 coaches, when it only has 8, but in the game, I would of needed to use 12 coaches and that would not fit on the platform.

Danny’s South London and Thameslink Route (Workshop)
DTG Class 455
AP Class 455 EP Vol 2
AP Class 465/466 EP
AP \ Waggonz Class 456
AP Class 375/377 EP
AP Weather EP
AP Class 319 Vol 2
Gold Star Trains DR73106 – Ballast Tamper (Used on the South Bermondsey Line, where emergency engineering works are taking place.

How to Install:

Drag the content folder into your railworks folder and click yes, when asked if you want to overwrite. Once done, launch the game, hit drive and choose Standard Scenario and then select South London and Thameslink.