[HP] 1M90 1509 Glasgow Central – Manchester Piccadilly (TPE 350)

[HP] 1M90 1509 Glasgow Central – Manchester Piccadilly (TPE 350)

4th May 2022 3 By Henry Pinkney

Rolling Stock Used: AP Class 350 Transpennine Express
Route Used: DTG WCML North
Scenario Duration: 90 Minutes

On a warm but cloudy afternoon in Scotland, you are set on newly painted Transpennine Express 350402 with the 15:09 Glasgow – Manchester service. Set in 2017, First Group had recently taken over the Pennines and had just began applying their new livery onto the stock. At the time, 350402 (which you are to drive) had recently been put into the new livery and was one of the first to accquire the livery. Whilst exiting Glasgow, traffic is heavy however traffic will ease as you get further towards the countryside. You are to take this service as far as Carlisle, where another driver takes over. You have a spare 10 minutes before you leave Glasgow – just in time to make a cuppa!

Requirements (Requirements marked with ‘*’ are essential to scenario function):

Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 Enhancement Pack*
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 320/321/322 Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 390 Sound Pack
Major Wales Design Class 390 Revamp Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 92 Sound Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 V1
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 68 Enhancement Pack

Install Instructions:

For the Install I recommend using WINRAR to unpack the file.
1. Unpack the file
2. Extract the file named ‘Content’ to your ‘Railworks’ directory file
Railworks is usually found in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Railworks

Update Log:

Scenario Submission – 04/05/22
Fixed 4S58 Consist Clash – 08/05/22

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or find me on Facebook as ‘Henry Pinkney’. I can also be found in the ATS Facebook group. Enjoy the scenario!