[HH] 1E17 14:59 Newcastle – St Neots

[HH] 1E17 14:59 Newcastle – St Neots

25th July 2020 2 By Harryjames94

In this scenario you’ll be taking 1E17 from Newcaslte to St Neots, find below a list of requried assests to run it successfully.

Route: The East Coast Mainline Merge

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 156
Class 158 (C & P)
Class 170
Class 365
Class 43 MTU*
Class 68

Alan Thomson Simulation:
TPE Nova 3 (Class 180 Reskin)*
InterCity 225 LNER/VTEC Pack
Class 800 IET LNER “Azuma”
Class 91 – LNER Pack
Class 158 – Northern Variants
GWR & XC MK3 – Sliding Doors*
Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717

Jake Fullers:
Class 185 Pack

Just Trains:
Class 220/ 221 Voyager

Class 802 Transpennine Express

*Static use only, can be ran without these.

Fingers crossed that all works ok! If there are any issues/ bugs etc please feel free to drop me an email:
[email protected]