(GWT) 2D53/2D54 Llandudno Shuttle

(GWT) 2D53/2D54 Llandudno Shuttle

8th April 2021 0 By GWT

Drive 150251, as 2D53, from Llandudno to Llandudno Junction and back as 2D54. This is my first upload on ATS so I hope it is as short and sweet to enjoy. Let me know about any bugs or issues.

Once you get to Llandudno Junction you will have a 13 minute wait. If you wish to skip this wait I would recommend to enable Async Keys.

To enable Async Keys this tutorial by Alan is clear and simple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMCm53nRKEE

**Essential Requirements**
-DTG North Wales Coastal
-AP Class 150/2 Pack

**Recommended Requirements**
-DTG Class 159
-AP Class 158 Perkins EP
-AP Track EP
-AP Sky and Weather EP

To install simply drag and drop the ‘Content’ folder onto your ‘RailWorks’ directory.