[GJD] 3S59 0911 to Swindon Transfer

[GJD] 3S59 0911 to Swindon Transfer

9th November 2022 2 By GJDobbzy

[GJD] 3S59 0911 Hereford to Swindon Transfer

Thank you for downloading this scenario.
Drive this WCRC class 37 on this Rail Head Treatment Train run from Hereford to Swindon Transfer.
Its A October morning run from Hereford to the Swindon, along the stunning Welsh Marches. As its A bit damp out there and beng Autumn expect some slippy rails.
With this being RHTT train the system only works betwwen 35mph and cuts out when you hit 60mph. So you need to keep and eye on your speed to make sure you cover as much track as you can.
Hope you enjoy and any problems get in touch, and let us know if you enjoy it.


Armstrong Powerhouse

class 150
Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
Class 67 EP
Class 66 EP
class 43 EP (MTU)
class 158 EP (Both packs)
Class 37 Pack (Both packs)
class 170 EP
class 175 EP pack 2.0
class 800 EP
MFA Wagon Pack
Weather EP


Welsh Marches line (UB)
South Wales Mainline Bristol- Swansea (UB)
East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough
Class 91 pack
class 159 pack
class 170 pack

Major Wales Design

Class 43 Revamp Pack
Transport for Wales MK4 WAG Pack
Grand Central Class 90+ MK4 Pack

Just Trains



Class 166 – FGW Plain Blue
Class 166 – Great Western Railway


Class 66 LED Headlights

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