[GG-RT] 5Z80 Carnforth – Fort William Jacobite Stock Movement (2013)

[GG-RT] 5Z80 Carnforth – Fort William Jacobite Stock Movement (2013)

5th May 2021 0 By Get-Geeky

Drive Ex-LNER 62005 double headed with Ex-LMS 44871 and 37518 in support on an E.C.S run from Carnforth to Fort William for the Jacobite Season.
You’ll start from Cowlairs junction where you will await the road. Then make your way around the North Clyde line to Helensburgh Upper and the gateway to the West Highland Line


– Rivett Games Suburban Glasgow Northwest (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1364036/Train_Simulator_Suburban_Glasgow_Northwest_Springburn__Helensburgh_Route_AddOn/)
– GEML (for the 360) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/222593/Train_Simulator_Great_Eastern_Main_Line_LondonIpswich_Route_AddOn/


– LNER Peppercorn Class K1(https://store.steampowered.com/app/325969/Train_Simulator_LNER_Peppercorn_Class_K1_Loco_AddOn/)
– BMG LMS Stanier Class 5 ‘Black Five’ – (https://store.steampowered.com/app/562399/Train_Simulator_LMS_Stanier_Class_5_Black_Five_Steam_Loco_AddOn/)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack (https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/multiple_unit2/class_156_diesel_multiple_unit_pack)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack(https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/multiple_unit2/class_321_electric_multiple_unit_pack)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/class_168-170-171_enhancement_pack?search=170)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack(https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/multiple_unit2/class_314-315_electric_multiple_unit_pack)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1 (https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/locomotive2/class_37_locomotive_pack_vol_1)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack (https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/coach/mk1_coach_pack_vol_1)

– Class 334 Reskin (http://www.suburban-glasgow.co.uk/home/downloads/reskin-downloads/)
– Major Wales 320 LED Patch (https://www.major.wales/patches)


62005 is actually nameplated as ‘Lord of the Isles’ but Victory Works couldn’t get the rights to use it from what i gather.
I used the default Kuju 3D Overcast weather rather than AP’s sky enhancement (oh no!) due to a random clear sky dome effect bug I experienced with it’s overcast weather which I’ve seen on a few streams as well (glad its not just me). Not everyone will experience it no doubt so swap it in using the scenario editor if you want it.

To install, copy the Content folder into your Railworks directory.

Have fun. Any issues, please let me know in the comments.

Stevie (Get-Geeky)