GEML Great Eastern Mainline – Optimization Patch

GEML Great Eastern Mainline – Optimization Patch

25th September 2020 20 By David Rogers

This is a patch which significantly optimizes the GEML route in Train Simulator.

It achieves this primarily by removing a set of extremely resource-intensive 3D foliage assets, that I have found to be the cause of GEML’s poor performance and stability.

This patch is not a miracle cure. But it aims to be a significant improvement. The patch is best judged by asking:-

– Were you able to load into Liverpool St without an OOM?
– Were you able to finish a scenario without an OOM?
– Were your frames improved, with the same settings as previously?

Frames are still heaviest at Liverpool St, and improve beyond this station.

Please bear in mind that I have only witnessed the results of this patch on my own system (i7 3.6Ghz and GTX1070). Your mileage may of course vary.

Please read the README-INSTALL file carefully, and as per it’s instructions, back up your existing GEML route folder first, so that you can restore it easily, should you not be satisfied with the Optimized version of the route.

Many thanks to Benammi Swift, for his assistance in compiling the mod and getting it into TS in the most efficient way possible.