GBRf 59003 ‘Yeoman Highlander’ (2020 Livery)

GBRf 59003 ‘Yeoman Highlander’ (2020 Livery)

14th November 2020 9 By Flyin9 Scotsman

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59003 ‘Yeoman Highlander’ was purchased in August 2014 by GBRf, and is the only locomotive of the class used by the company. This livery depicts the locomotive after the latest livery change away from the previous ‘Europorte’ branding.

All that is required for the reskin to work should be Dovetail Games’ ‘Medway Valley Line’.

Please note the GB Railfreight logo between the buffers on each end is noticeably pixelated, I can only apologise for this and hope it doesn’t distract from the overall livery. Hope you enjoy using it 🙂