(GB) 16:24 1G04 London Liverpool Street – Norwich ‘The EACH Express 2’

(GB) 16:24 1G04 London Liverpool Street – Norwich ‘The EACH Express 2’

16th April 2024 19 By GeorgeBeany

Date: 16th September 2017
Traction : Class 68 68034 & 68001
Route : London Liverpool Street to Ipswich


Take two Class 68’s from London Liverpool Street as far as Ipswich on ‘The EACH Express 2’ railtour. On the return run from London back to Norwich a little record run was attempted with the two 68’s.


Alan Thomson Sim:
*GEMMA : London – Ipswich Phase 1
Blue Class 360 (NXEA/AGA/GA) Reskin
Class 321 GA Renatus Reskin

Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 156
Class 314/315
Class 321
Class 317 Vol 1
Class 377/379/387 EP
Class 66 EP
*Class 68 EP
Freightliner Class 90
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
*Mk3 A/B Coach Pack
*Wherry Lines Extra Stock Pack (for the AGA Class 90)
Cloud EP (Not needed but gives a more realistic cloud-scape to the real day)


EWS Class 66
Freightliner Class 66
Class 70
*GEML Class 90
Class 378 (comes with the North London Line and North London Line and Goblin Lines)


GreaterAnglia Branded Class 321 Patch

Major Wales Design:

Heathrow Express Class 360 Reskin

(*) Required for the scenario to work)

Update 17th April 2024 :

Scenario used a private reskin of mine that looks the exact same as the default ones, fixed so it should work!
Fixed a pathing issue that randomly occured after upload