(GB) 09:17 6R01 Harlow Mill FHH – Tilbury2 Container TML FL

(GB) 09:17 6R01 Harlow Mill FHH – Tilbury2 Container TML FL

27th February 2024 1 By GeorgeBeany

Traction: Class 66 66504 with 18 Loaded JNA Wagons
Route : West Anglia Mainline (Harlow Mill Aggregate Plant to Cheshunt)
Duration : 20 Minutes

A quick short and sweet scenario for the West Anglia Mainline on the Steam Workshop by DergenTheDragon!


Good Morning Driver,

Today you are tasked with taking this Freightliner Class 66 from here at Harlow Mill as far as Cheshunt where another driver will take over as you are not signed on the Lea Valley Lines. Its a brisk early morning, well you could of known that by looking at the clock. Anyway enjoy your run, you are loaded so it will take a bit of power to move, but you should not be held behind anything for your trip.


*Ealons GBRf Wagon Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse:
*Class 66 EP
Class 317 EMU Pack 01
Class 314/315 EMU Pack
Class 377/379/387 EP

Steam :
EWS Class 66
Chatham Mainline

Steam Workshop :
*West Anglia Mainline (by DergenTheDragon)

(*) = Required for the scenario to work