(GB) 08:52 1Z37 Fort William – Mallaig ‘The West Highlander’

(GB) 08:52 1Z37 Fort William – Mallaig ‘The West Highlander’

9th April 2024 4 By GeorgeBeany

Date: 9th April 2024
Traction : Class 37 37409 (DIT 37667)
Route : Fort William to Mallaig


Drive LSL’s ‘The West Highlander’ from Fort Willaim to Mallaig with the occasional stop for token exchanges.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
*Class 37 Vol 1
*Mk3 A-B
Class 156

Backdated Trainsim:
LSL Scotrail Push Pull Reskin Pack

GeorgeBeany Simulation:
*Class 37 37409 Reskin (Also available on ATS & Train Sim Community)

*West Highland Line Extension

Vulcan Productions:
*Class 37 BR Green 37403/37411 Reskin

(*) Requirement for the scenario to work

(Please note that there is no working reskin of 37667, so a substitute for one of the VP reskins as thats the closest we can get at the moment)

Update 13th April 2024:

Swapped the departure platform at Fort William to P2
Fixed the extra scenario marker taking it back to Fort William
Added scenario length in game
Changed scenario name to include the railtour name