(GB) 07:43 1Z46 Colchester – Barrow Hill L.I.P. ‘Steam Dreams Excursion’

(GB) 07:43 1Z46 Colchester – Barrow Hill L.I.P. ‘Steam Dreams Excursion’

13th May 2024 0 By GeorgeBeany

Date: 8th May 2024
Traction : 46100 ‘Royal Scot’ with Class 47828 assisting
Route : ATS GEMMA (Colchester Goods Loop to Ipswich)


Today you are at the helm of LMS Royal Scot 46100 ‘Royal Scot’ operating a tour starting in the Great Eastern Region. You will be taking the loco from here at Colchester Loop, after your run from Southall, to Ipswich.


Armstrong Powerhouse:
*Mk1 Pack
*Mk2 D-F Pack
Class 90 Freightliner
Class 321
Sky & Weather EP V2 (Not Needed)

Alan Thomson Sim:
*LSL Rolling Stock Patches
Class 321 Renatus Reskin
Class 745

Backdated Train Sim:
*LSL Mk2 Reskin

Precision Locomotive Developments (Bossman Games):
*LMS Royal Scot

Just Trains:
Class 153

Major Wales Design:
*Steam Dreams Headboard
Class 153 Revamp Pack

Vulcan Productions:
*LSL 46100 Reskin

(*) Required for the scenario to function

Notes: As there is no Class 720’s, they are replaced with Class 321’s.

This scenario comes with a version of the VP LSL 46100 Reskin with the MJW Steam Dreams headboard, that comes with this file install, but make sure to install it so the scenario works.