(Fictional) The Welsh What If

(Fictional) The Welsh What If

27th March 2021 0 By slidesauce

Drive a Class 68 on a North Wales Express all the way from Holyhead to Crewe.

This scenario is fictional so sit back and enjoy the rather creative interpretation of life on the North Wales Coast!

Length: 120 Minutes


North Wales Coastal (Discontinued)
Class 92
Class 91 (ECML South)
Class 67
Class 66 (All)
Class 90 Blue/Grey Steam
Class 159 Network South East

Class 57 FL

Armstrong Powerhouse:

Class 66 EP
Class 67 EP
Class 68 EP
Class 57 SP
Class 91 EP
Class 90 + FL Pack
Class 92 SP
Class 158/9 CUM/PER
Mk 2 Pack (Both)

Major Wales Designs:
Class 90 Grand Central Pack
Class 90 “Pretendilino” Pack
Class 68 ATW Pack
Mk 3 DVT Arriva Pack

Vulcan Productions:
Class 57/3 VT T-Bird Pack (This has been updated recently so please insure you have the latest version)