(fictional) Drs hire-in part 1 of 4

(fictional) Drs hire-in part 1 of 4

19th October 2019 4 By lampardtom

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hello all, this is my first ever attempt at scenario creation so i do apologize if there are any issues with the scenario.
this is meant for a fun, slow un-timed drive with several AI.
just remember not to be too heavy handed on the brakes and don’t use the sander when accelerating (makes the scenario a lot more enjoyable)

items required for the scenario are
GEML (DTG) from steam store
AP class 90 FL
AP class 66 EP
AP class 321
AP class 37
AP class 156
AP class 170/171/168
JT class 20 Advanced
JT RHTT wagons
(apologies if i have missed anything out)

scenario last approx 60 mins