[DG] 1R46 Kings Cross – Baldock

[DG] 1R46 Kings Cross – Baldock

6th July 2019 0 By Driftgod

This scenario is for the DPS ECML South which is available from the steam workshop. This scenario takes around 45 minutes to complete.

You are in charge of one of many Baldock bound trains. Your traction being provided by 365537 & 365518. You’ll do the journey in its entirety.

Copy the Content folder to your main railworks installation.

Requirements listed below (requirements that have an asterisk * will NOT affect the scenario)

Intercity Class 91
East Coast Mainline (London to Peterborough)
DPS ECML South (with dependencies)
South London Network
Class 801 (bundled with the ECMLS)
Class 180*

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 365 Enhancement Pack
Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (optional, but you won’t experience the intended weather)
Class 313 Pack

Alan Thomson Simulation:
Intercity 225 ”VTEC/LNER” Pack
Desiro City Pack – Class 700/707/717
LNER Class 800*
Class 180 Update Complete* (optional, but you’ll miss the Hull Trains AI)

Class 387 Thameslink & Great Northern

Special Thanks:
Zico Azeez for testing & making sure that the product works as intended.